Saturday, March 27, 2010

My new blog!

Wheee, this is my very first blog post.

I haven't done any craft work for quite a while, but have recently picked it up again and am loving it.  My current motivation comes from being 25 weeks pregnant, hence all my projects are baby based at the moment :)

Currently, I'm making 2 baby quilts.  One in greens and browns, and the other in blues (yes, its a boy).  Also doing some knitting, but that's taken a back seat while I madly try to finish off the quilt tops.

Aargh... so the reason for needing to finish off the quilt tops... we're moving from Australia to Singapore in less than 2 weeks and my sewing machine will be in transit for about 6 weeks.  I really should be busily packing up everything in the house, but it's much easier to start a new blog and do some quilting!!

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