Sunday, July 25, 2010

I started another quilt cos I got sick of waiting for the baby...

OK... here's a sneak peek at the next quilt I've started... and yes, of course its a baby quilt!  The fabric is called Wheels.

The end result won't be as green... and I'm not using all that orange either.  I think you'll be surprised at the colouring once you see the finished design. 

Will finish it once I get home from the hospital... soon!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ring Stacker Toy

Well, my due date has come and gone and still no baby!!!!  Lazy lazy boy :)

I've finished 5 of the 9 Monsters Quilt squares so far.  Its a slow process though because all I'm doing is sewing around and around in circles!!

Another project I've wanted to start is the Heather Bailey Ring Stacker Toys.  Aren't they cute!

I was planning on using the left over fabric from the green and brown baby quilt I've just made, but after cutting out the pattern and looking at the fabric, I realised I don't have anywhere near enough large fabric pieces left over :(

Not sure which fabric I'll use now. And I'm in no fit state to think about it either.  So therefore... the ring stackers have been put on hold until inspiration strikes me!

Maybe I'll just go and sit on the couch and watch some tv... and wait patiently for this baby!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 Finishes!!

It didn't take long to finish off the baby quilt, and since then I've made another WHOLE baby quilt in just a few days!!!  Gotta love working with charm packs... so quick and easy to piece together.

Here is my first finished quilt for the year (and first ever finished quilt... unless you count that crappy one I did in year 7 lol)!  I love the binding around it... learnt how to do that through the quilt group I go to (thanks Kate!).

I made the second quilt by cutting up 25 charm squares and then string-piecing them together like this:

And here is the finished quilt:

I had a few squares left over from the Tweet Tweet charm pack, so did a little strip across the back incorporating the border fabric from the front.  I did a wider binding this time, but it was a lot harder to do the corners... I prefer the thin binding.

Now - I'm working on the Monsters quilt that I started back in March.  Baby is due in 3 days... so I think it will be a "put-on-hold" project for a couple of weeks.  I'm finding it uncomfortable to sit and concentrate for too long... but if he comes late, you never know how much of it I'll get done!