Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It seemed to take forever to get packed in Australia, and now it seems like we've been here in Singapore for ages!  Arrived about 10 days ago and have been busy getting settled in, buying furniture, and finding our local hangouts.

Kitty arrived safely last week and has settled in well :)

One of the furniture shops up here was having a huge clearout sale so we managed to buy our couch (and everything else) off the floor at a heavily discounted price... we only ended up going about 3 days without furniture in the end.

And of course... new furniture needs accessorising!!!

I'm working on some paper pieced hexes for cushion fronts.  Not sure if I'll use all of the fabrics yet.  Its been difficult finding a good supply of fabrics here, so I may need to start searching for an online shop.

Hmmm... and online shopping will be much easier once the baby's born too :)


  1. thanks for visiting Melissa and welcome to Sing. When is baby due? You must come and join ANZA Quilters when you are ready. It's very relaxed and no pressure

  2. Thank you! Baby is due mid July.
    Yes, I noticed the meetups in an old copy of the ANZA magazine. I'll send you an email :)