Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fabric Diet Fail

It's only Week 3 of the Fabric Diet and I kinda failed... but it was a complete win really!  My sisters came up to Singapore to visit and we HAD TO include a visit to the open-air fabric markets at Chinatown.

About 6 months ago I purchased a fat quarter bundle of the Moda Odyssea fabric, and while we were at Chinatown I found the perfect backing fabric... 4.2 metres of an Odyssea home-dec weight fabric. And it was pretty cheap. And I think its actually an out of print fabric (though I may be wrong). So I had to buy it (sorry diet).

So in my spare minutes this week, I've been cutting out 8.5" x 10.5" rectangles from some of the fat quarters (not even half way yet... cutting is so depressingly slow). I'll eventually end up with 80 rectangles to make an 80" square quilt.

Its going to be a play quilt for James to go over the floor tiles we bought him for Christmas.  At the moment I throw a whole selection of smaller quilts over them, but he still manages to scratch away at the tiles!

With the heavier backing fabric, it will also be a fantastic picnic and beach quilt.